Posted by: rwubbels | September 21, 2011

Trip update…

Dear Lady’s and Gentlemen.

As you most obviously can see, this blog has lost its use…
I did not take the time during this trip to write down my experiences on this blog.
The thing is, I rather get some new ones than sit down behind a computer and write them!
And so, this blog never got some action and never even got a proper start.
Instead I wrote more on my Facebook and this page on the GS club in Holland to share the story.

This page is purely to tell people that:

  • I’m on a long trip (17 months at the moment (the initial plan was 6 months)
  • You can find out where I am now, or parts of my route on the tabs above.
  • See a shitload of pictures,
  • And that I’m having a bloody good time! 🙂

Currently I’ve done 29 countries and 41.000km.
The baltics and scandinavia (8 countries) are still waiting, and I expect it will take another 1,5 month and 8000km before i’m back home.

If you want to know anything more on my trip, send me an email on  ruudwessels(a)  or a message on Facebook.

And last but not least:

If you are considering doing a long trip in your life… 
Stop doing that! and actually get off your seat and go!!  

Keep the rubber rolling,


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